About us

“A good idea becomes a great idea when you let it out”.
The idea of making the earth a better place to live, the idea of coexistence, the idea of sustainability.
That's exactly what Hållbar is all about.

How Hållbar was born

The co-founders had a long-time dream to do something for the environment and when they let this out, it took shape in the form of Hållbar.

The journey started from a random discussion in Stockholm, that the three co-founders had over drinks and dinner while admiring Swedish art and culture. 

What started as a therapy session about how to stay productive and inspired, how to encourage more of Indian art and products, ended up with a combined thought of sustainability and a vision of bringing Indian products on a global platform, which finally came alive as Hållbar in Pune.


Our Mission

Though sustainability sounds like an easy word, not everyone understands its concept in entirety. And that's what Hållbar focuses on - to educate people about sustainability and leverage it to give it back to earth.

We, at Hållbar, think of sustainability as an art of living, that makes you feel responsible and content. It is innovative and fun when you do it rightly. And with that vision, we want to help our customers achieve sustainable living in the most affordable way possible. Our goal is to create measurable ecological benefits by using sustainable products along with encouraging local craft.

Our Products

Our products speak for our idea of sustainability. We offer well-designed, durable and high-quality sustainable products which are purely ethical and at a price that doesn't hurt your pocket.

We want to create a sustainable culture keeping in mind our core values.
Our customers are at the forefront of everything we do, and we focus on building an empathic customer experience.
We believe in building a long-term relationship with our customers based on mutual trust and pioneer customer service. With our combined efforts, we wish to create a global market for Indian products.